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Election Platform Visualization

Running a city is exceedingly complicated, but that doesn’t mean that the communication needs to be. I’ve turned my platform into visual charts to make my intended plan clearer. Finances Other Major Issues I have written in more detail about many of these issues:Waterfront DistrictCity UtilitiesCity Financial PositionMaking City Hall “Open” If you have anyContinue reading “Election Platform Visualization”

It takes time and an open ear to serve the community well. Listening to hear, rather than to respond, is a skill that takes practice and commitment.

The role of elected officials is to make decisions not just for you, but with you. We are a team. Shovels on any major project should never hit the dirt until we, the people, are convinced we want it to proceed. Without providing sufficient information, even good projects meet with significant and justified opposition.

I’ve written about a specific example of this happening here:

The decisions made today create the city we live in tomorrow. Properly engaging the public today is the path to a place we love to live tomorrow.

As an example, our community is rich with recreation opportunities and amazing people. But many of our facilities are ageing and will soon be unsustainable to operate. With ongoing public engagement, we need to ensure parks exist within walking distance of every home and recreation facilities are available throughout the city. The solution may mean completely gutting facilities and rebuilding or building new facilities as we retire the existing ones. Whatever path we take, recreation must remain accessible to everyone.

There is evidence that the council is moving the right direction with public engagement on this. For more info click here:

We need to provide quality services today, but make sure we do it in a sustainable way. We are creating a legacy, not a burden for future generations.

Our city has nearly doubled its debt in the past five years. Last year, it spent almost 50% more than it gathered in taxes on operations alone. This does not include the $8,400,000 given to businesses with no services received in return or the $18,000,000 in unplanned spending. Managing our city this way is not sustainable.

Click here for deeper insights on this issue:

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Brian Dueck at a glance:

Brian has lived in Medicine Hat with his wife Holly for the past 16 years, adding 4 beautiful children to their family along the way. Professionally, Brian spent the last 3.5 years as a Facility Manager at CFB Suffield, responsible for maintaining and improving 150 buildings. He is actively involved in the faith community on a weekly basis. His passions related to running for council revolve around the issues of fiscal responsibility and public engagement on major decisions.

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